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Balonevi was founded in September 2001 and we have never once compromised on our principles of product quality, competitive pricing and on-time delivery. Believing in the principle of “Customer Satisfaction” we became the leader in our sector.

The Highest Quality and State of the Art Technology

In addition to manufacturing a range of shapes and sizes to European standard levels of production quality, we have added automatic feeding technology to our four-color register silk screen printing system that is completely unique in Turkey.

All of our production, (6” (1,2gr.), 10” (1,8gr.), 10” (2,4gr.), 12” (3,3gr.), 12” heart shape (3,6gr.)) is made to international standards from natural latex. We have a production capacity of 12 million balloons/month and a screen printing capacity of 7.5 million/month. We are one of the few companies in the world who has four-color register and all-round screen printing technology. We claim that, we keep one step ahead of world technology on baloon production and screen printing.

Rich Varieties and Innovative Approaches

We are not only manufacturing soap bubbles, plain and printed latex balloons, we also distribute a variety range of party products such as tablewares, foil balloons, paper decorations, costumes and party accessories, etc.

Another product of us is our “Cha cha balloon”, which has made a real difference to the world of printed balloons, is one result of our innovative approach. And our patented “single piece balloon stick” is another output of the same approach.

A further innovative approach of ours is the concept of our stores. All of our stores which located different areas of Turkey, are the “one and unique” of their kind in Turkey. Our customers can find everything and every service needed for a party in these stores.

A Rich Portfolio of Licensed Characters
Spiderman, Avengers, Superman, Batman, Disney Planes, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Disney Princess, Frozen, The Cars, Ben 10, Angry Birds, Hello Kitty, Charmy Kitty, Winx, The Smurfs, Major Sport Clubs of Turkey: Beşiktaş, Fenerbahçe, Galatasaray and Barbie, Monster High and Warner Bros are our licenced characters. So Balonevi is leading licenced party market in Turkey with wide range of licensed characters.

In addition to Balonevi’s licences and product range, we also distribute some worldwide leaders products such as Amscan, Unique, Procos, Qualatex, Northstar, Partoys, Premium Balloon Accessories, Conwin, Hi-Float , Widmann etc.

With our innovative approach, Balonevi has 27 stores in 10 different cities in Turkey named "Balonevi Party Store". Our stores serve over 5000 product range and has an e-commerce web site:

Product Quality and Safety Certificates
All of our products are approved by accredited laboratories. Within 5 years, any balloon produced from natural raw materials can be completely returned to nature. For both product quality and human health, we are fully aware of the importance of the chemicals used in our production processes, and we always act in line with this awareness.

We attach great importance to high quality, environmentally friendly production, to produce healthy products. We never manufacture any product that could be harmful to human health or the environment.

Balonevi is an executive member of EBPC (European Baloon&Party Council).


The main raw material of a latex balloon is completely natural.

The chemicals added during production to the natural rubber latex are also purified throughout the multiple phases of the balloon production process.

The goal is to make the product as natural as possible.

In Balonevi’s balloon production facilities, only environmentall friendly and energy efficient methods are used. We do world class manufacturing with our full automatic machines which were developed by our own research and development works.

Balonevi manufactures another product that is as much fun as balloons; Soap Bubbles.
We manufacture soap bubbles in a special machine composed of liquid filling, capping, labeling and collecting barrels. As Balonevi, human health and environment are priorities in our production principles. So, we have analysis certificates for each of the chemicals in the soap bubble's liquids.


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